Registrant requirements FOR .CHANNEL

What can I do with .channel?

.channel is a namespace for content creators and publishers to monetise their content or audience. It will be a secure TLD that requires HTTPS in Web browsers. It will be available to all registrants but feature usage restrictions that all domains must resolve to websites enabling creators to monetise their content or audience.

What is the process for registering a name during LRP?

During the Limited Registration Period, registrants may apply for a domain name via content creation platf orms that have been onboarded to the program and for which they have an account. The platf orms will evaluate all applications based on compliance with the Registration Policy. Selected .channel domain names will receive an allocation token which must be used to purchase the approved domain from

LRP-part icipating registrars.

Is a local presence required?

No, a local presence will not be required to register a domain for .channel.

Do you allow the use of a trustee service?

Yes, so long as the registrar completes WHOIS information for all registrants.

Do you provide a trustee (local presence) service for domain registrations?

No, Google Registry will not provide a trustee service for .channel domain registrations.

Is a trademark required to register a domain name?

A trademark with a valid signed mark data fi le is only required during sunrise.

Are any documents required for the registration of a domain name?

No documents are required.

Will registrants be allowed to modify the domain, contact or host directly at the registry?


Transfer and Deletion Process information

Will the transfer process be consistent with the standard process? Are documents required for the change of registrant?

Yes, the transfer process will follow the standard guidelines. No documents will be required.

Transfer lock aft er domain transfer

Domains are not locked by the registry aft er transfer, and can be transferred again immediately.

Transfer lock aft er domain registration

Domains are not locked by the registry aft er registration, and can be transferred immediately.

Can domains be locked for transfer?

“clientTransferProhibited” can be added to a domain via an EPP update; “serverTransferProhibited” can also be added for a nominal fee; domains can be fully locked (“serverTransferProhibited”, “serverDeleteProhibited” and “serverUpdateProhibited”) by the sponsoring registrar free of cost

through our self-serve Registry Lock service.

Do domains have to expire?

All domains automatically auto-renew at their expiration date. Domains must be explicitly deleted for them to ever be released.

Can domains be deleted?


Domain restore via EPP “Domain Update” command?

Yes, this is how a domain restore is done (as per RFC 3915).

Domain restore requires report ?

No, a restore report is not required. The restore “request” operation will immediately restore a domain.

What is the server transfer policy?

Transfers will be auto approved aft er 5 days if not explicitly acknowledged or rejected by the losing registrar.

Do you provide a droplist for deleted domain names?

No, we do not provide a droplist for deleted domain names.